Part Qualified ACCA Can Earn Up to PKR 80,000 in Pakistan: ACCA Survey Claims

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According to a recent survey by ACCA – largest accountancy body by students’ numbers – part qualified ACCA students can earn up to Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 100,000 despite the poor economical conditions and tough job market.

Salaries and Benefits

According to the published survey – Just under half (45%) of students in Pakistan received a pay rise in the preceding 12 months, compared to 63% globally. Only 1% suffered a pay cut.

Pay increases were more common in the public and corporate sectors and in financial services (54%, 57% and 57% respectively) than in public practice (25%).

Only 24% of students in Pakistan received a bonus (against 50% globally). Among bonus recipients, 56% gained a bigger sum than in the previous year, and 61% saw their bonus increase by 6% or more, perhaps reflecting the relatively high inflation rate in Pakistan.

Based on reported salaries, ACCA students and affiliates in Pakistan have good prospects, and can increase their earning power while they study: students with more than five years of experience earn three times as much as students with less than two years of experience.

Students in Pakistan perform a variety of roles and are able to focus on getting the experience needed for conversion to membership. Salaries vary greatly, but those in the most senior roles as part qualified accountants can earn up to PKR 80,000 / 100,000 a month.

Students are positive about their future pay prospects: two thirds (67%) expect to receive a pay rise in the next 12 months, with 65% of these anticipating an increase of at least 11%. A significant proportion expect to receive a pay rise or a promotion after passing exams or achieving ACCA membership.

Working Conditions

Study leave is the most common benefit, received by 47% of students overall in Pakistan (and by 62% in public practice).

Other common benefits include healthcare (received by 26%) and travel benefits / allowances (23%). Study leave is also the most valued benefit, ranked highly by 43%.

Students in Pakistan typically work 47.5 hours a week, longer than the global average (44 hours).

Career and Ambitions

Students in Pakistan are highly mobile. Four in ten (40%) have previously worked in a different sector, while over a third have changed roles in the past 12 months – 58% within the same organisation. Their key drivers included increasing their salary (27%), changing career direction (21%) and obtaining promotion (19%).

The ACCA Qualification helped students achieve their new roles: 58% said it reassured their employer of their technical or business skills, and in a third of cases it was a prerequisite for the job.

ACCA students in Pakistan are ambitious: 80% plan to continue in their area in a more senior role, and 79% to lead a finance team. They are keen for new experiences, 68% aiming to work in a different area of finance or service line, but they also see opportunities as specialists – 73% anticipate working in a specialist finance role. 87% of students plan to work in another country,
capitalising on the portability of the ACCA Qualification and the international opportunities it opens up.

Entrepreneurial interest is also strong, with 69% of students considering starting their own business.

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  1. Kumar says:

    I have no idea how did they publish such survey where 90% of prospects did not participate…

    Crazy and baseless survey…

  2. Harshy says:

    I dont understand what sort of survey was that and who on earth was surveyed under that! I mean an ACCA earning 80 to 100k, that’s quite too ambitious, espacially in such conditions!

  3. umair kind says:

    Huh ! I am full qualified ACCA and still struggling to get an internship.

  4. MAKK says:

    Well Part Qualified here refers to both ACC Affiliates and Students and i havent saw any one to earn more than 50000 PKR, Even members who are Qualified ACCA’s cannot even earn more than 80000 PKR in Pakistan

  5. Kumar says:

    ACCA is on with SELLING its ‘PRODUCT’ these days and that is it… They are least bothered about future of the students, affiliates or members…. Not once they answered back ICAP’s notice even… ICAEW has some shame to at least come down to Pakistan to address the concerns of their students.

    • ali says:

      there should be define steps for ACCA other wise students will disapoint and no further grooming of ACCA in result.

  6. Ali Afzal says:

    ACCA member unable to get job even,if get hardly 30/40k
    how then 80k to part qualified????
    made me wide laugh !!!!

  7. Sunil Kumar says:

    I can only say about this survey is
    hahahahahah. Good joke i have ever heard.

  8. muhammad ali bhalli says:

    Baseless survay. i dont undersatand how people allow ACCA to publish there unprofessional survay.they are just selling there name. they ont even bother to maintain the status of professonal accountacy body. i dont think so that not even a single person ll appraise their effort to conduct any survay…….this z slap on face of Pakistan ACCA Chairman (mirza sb). he only care for his executive perks allwed by ACCA………………………………………………………………….i think all ACCA students and ACCA affiliate/member should get together and file a suit on ACCA pakistan body for negligently handling of ACCA affair and decreasing trend of ACCA status in pakistan.

  9. bakir hussain says:

    Please first conduct a survey on “unemployment ratio of ACCA Qualified”.

  10. Hello mates, it is such a non-professional article published by ACCA and salary range given is out of senses. By this act ACCA may loose respect ,
    when and where this survey was published?

  11. Zain Hemani says:

    ACCA: You are also hypocrite like the present media… You are now using the marketing tactics to cover the current and future market just after when your body faces notices from ICAP and you found your market in real decline and ill-famed…. This survey is not factual based…. this is the ideal package for an ACCA which is not available to them. So do not try to exploit the future generation who don’t want to join ACCA. Sorry for the harsh words.
    Zain Hemani

  12. waqar azeem says:

    joking with 80thousand to one lack. i am acca finalist …..if some one require employee at 30 thousand …..he can contact me at 034470095603

  13. Muhammad Salman Soomro says:

    I think they surveyed ACCA students on MARS…because even ACCA Aproved Employers are unable to provide any specific Training programs for ACCA students…from where Students will have 5 or 2 years of experince to get such packge…situation is getting worse after ICAP Notice

  14. CANCELtHIS says:

    the ACCA program is a perfect base qualification, I fail to understand why u people degrade it so much. It is not a problem if we are not allowed into audit firms, there are always other ways to becoming successful, and joining the industry is one of them. So please guys stop whining and support your professional body.

    • Jahanzeb says:

      I totally agree with you. Many of my friends who have completed ACCA are working in Dubai and big organisations. No body will hire you unless you guys complete your papers and become an affiliate. I am an ACCA finalist and this journey has not been very easy for me … Students here dont even pass their Fundamental level and they start worrying about jobs …

      • CANCELtHIS says:

        true that, what we need more than anything else is to forget about all these obstacles, study hard, become an affiliate and THEN worry about getting work. Also, its not our professional body that decides our pay, its us, our attitude, our behavior and if we behave so negatively and immaturely, we are gonna be laughed at ( and I guarantee you many other bodies probably do laugh at us and our reactions ). Just take it easy guys complete your studies and doors will open up themselves.

        • Basit says:

          I agree with you that after completion of ACCA, we can get job but mostly organization need exp. So the student will be worried about job when they reached at final stage.

      • #Jahanzeb, I am totally agree with you mate but situations in pakistan for ACCA students are not favorable in terms of approach to big corporations they especially recruited fresh candidates from Pakistan’s recognised universities you know what they are? I admit ACCA students can seek better positions in Dubai but some not at all.almost students have poor financial backgrounds so in result they can never go to there like who are currently in Dubai.

  15. Omer Lakhani says:

    I completely agree on the other comments in this suvey ,

    I dont understand the basis of the survey, many be the ACCA office has developed the answers sitting in their offices without even looking outside their window. It is extremely heartfelt that this kind of information has been published which is completely bizare in nature.

    In a market where CA individuals are given preference in every role over ACCAs. ACCA part alone affiliats dont get this as a average remuneration.

    A would consider this a marketting gimick.

  16. Abdul Aziz says:

    I have doubt about this survey. ACCA Qualified has getting not more than 40,000 per month salary. 80,000 – 100,000 is really good salary in Pakistan and they need at least 8-10 years experience for it. If ACCA’s part qualified is getting 80,000 salary then ICAP’s part qualified will surely deserve 120,000 to 150,000 per month. facts are being misuse by ACCA. They are only selling their product.

  17. Zeeshan says:


  18. Qasim Ashraf says:

    This is all bullshit,I am Full ACCA Qualified and even after 1 year I didn’t get any Job.only students with reference can get job.

  19. m.tayyab says:

    i can only say about this survey is
    hahahahahah. Good joke i have ever heard.

  20. abdul rauf says:


  21. rizwan arif says:

    please tell me where is that pakistan where surway is made i want to go there

  22. Adil Memon says:

    well, excellent survey probably done on laptop using hyper hypothetical figures :D kher altho i think its party true maybe, bcox most ACCA affliate earn 6500 as trainee and add other allowances equal 8000 which means 80$ a month with such salaries obvsly ppl expect a pay rise, but will they get it? surely not :D lol… plus i completely agree an ACCA can expect a pay of 8000- 10000 probably just write one ZERO too many :D overall nice survey, lol only if we were so naive to believe :)

  23. haxan khan says:


    I am ACCA Affiliate, Masters in Commerce and completed Cia as well. but still doing job only for 10000 rupees
    If Any one wants to offer me 80k to 100k please contact me….:P

  24. Rational Mind says:

    well.. if you consider some bloke with 10s of years of experience on his back suddenly decides to pursue ACCA qualification and passes 3 to 4 papers is considered as ‘part qualified’ then yea.. I guess you’ll see people earning as much as 180K and still be called as part qualified..

    I know several people in my organization that are part qualified ACCAs with strong experience on theirs CVs earning 60 to 150K a month easy.. but they have around 5 to 10 years of experience on their CV and are pursuing ACCA for diversification and some form of tangible acknowledgement of their skills (not the other way around for normal students).

    Some of their claims are somewhat correct for example.. an ACCA with 5 years of experience earns thrice as much as those with 2 years.. for example, I practically know a person who has yet to have 5 years experience and is currently earning almost thrice of his ‘appointed’ salary..

  25. adnan says:

    hahahaha…. this survey is only to show fake Strength of ACCA degree….

  26. Ahsan says:

    it is dream for acca students to earn 80,000 PKR in pakistan…..i also acca finalist & searching a good job here


    • M USMAN says:

      hello guys here it is true that many acca students getting their jobs very difficult but once they get some jobs they prosper with there experience and please keep this thing in your mind while getting your job do not count 3 years internship as your experience and both ca and acca students while getting there internship face similar conditions i.e strong reference or lucy or very intellifent and hard working.i personally know many acca part or full qualified getting pay from 60k to is not matters but your skills and hard work matters .if you are acca students and also hard working and intelligent pass all papers in first attempt with average percentage then don’t lesson to any one keep trust on your self inshallah you will paid what you deserve and don’t forget
      “Almighty Allah has take responsibility of your rozee”

  27. Maria says:

    Yeah..right.. 80000-100000. HAHAHAHAHAAAA (can’t stop laughing). In your dreams.

  28. Ammar says:

    wel.. the Biggest Chawal of all.. Where on earth had they carried out this survey…One cant even think of getting 80-100k after ACCA kind of qualification… Its a poor marketing stunt from ACCA..

  29. alam says:

    the statistics given in the survey surely miss one fact, that how much experience one requires to have such a salary. the other thing is that if some finalist is teaching in different ACCA tution providing institutions on part time basis, he can earn such an amount, but one thing to mention, its really very tough to get such an amount, as you have to work atleast 12 to 14 hours a day, which is not humanly possible.

  30. Arsal Versal says:

    Miss printing… 80k-100k (Batieeeen kerwaa loo)

  31. kanwal says:

    I have a plan to do ACCA after bcom but nw i have change it
    its useless
    just waste of time and money

  32. Asif Qureshi says:

    ACCA never guaranteed you a very good salary, It guaranteed you a diversified and strong knowledge of business processes… You get a job on basis of your personality and presentation skills, which is your duty to develop it inside your self… If you have these skills you can earn good…..

    Asif Qureshi ACCA

  33. MALIK says:


  34. moiez says:

    WTHHH!!. ACCA , have u gone insane totally. I am getting 5K.

    Please some1 contact me for 80-100K.

  35. H.Ahmed says:

    I have four years of experience and ACCA finalist I am working on 30k my friend has 3 years of working experience a grip on ERP with Pwc Pakistan and 2 statutory audit experience he is earning below 25k. What sort of article is this. What I think the article is based on the assumptions not reality.

  36. M.Salman says:

    Survey is correct ,see that there is nothing written whether that 80,000 to 100,000 is yearly salary of ACCAs or monthly .I think it is yearly salary written in the survey!!!

  37. Muneeb saeed says:

    WTF !
    Are they insane
    i am getting 6000

    • Abdul Basit says:

      Survey is correct ,see that there is nothing written whether that 80,000 to 100,000 is yearly salary of ACCA`s or monthly .I think it is yearly salary written in the survey!!!

      • “Students in Pakistan perform a variety of roles and are able to focus on getting the experience needed for conversion to membership. Salaries vary greatly, but those in the most senior roles as part qualified accountants can earn up to PKR 80,000 / 100,000 a month”

  38. Khawaja Ehsan Elahi says:

    Guys am ACCA affiliate…and my monthly stipend is 6k….Thats our worth…Enjoy yourself… :p

    • ali says:

      Ehsaan elahi.yaar bilkul made me cry . I m acca affiliate n ma stipend is just 10000 .even not sure abt further continuation .still on internship.
      Even dude . We r atleast getting something. Acca finalist and affiliate are working for free.

  39. waqas says:

    i am icma finalist, icmap qualified getting job around 50k starting in pakistan, i m nt aware about acca,,,, might be possible,,,,my friend is acca qualified doing job in dubai in pakistani
    RS around 200,000…

  40. ali says:

    shocked!!! No ACCA can ever imagine a salary of this amount, I had been working in an audit firm and for the first 7 months was paid NOTHING, after writing down an application for stipend i was been AWARDED with a stipend of 2000! i still have to pay my annual subscription from my pocket! currently i am jobless and planning to go Dubai for a job hunt. And yes i am an ACCA Affiliate!

  41. batool says:

    I am student of and i want to study ca or acca but i am living in balochistan and there isnt any uni of ca and acca .if any one know abut this field kindly inform me

    • Fami says:

      After completing BCOM you can register with ICAP or ACCA. There is on uni for doing ca or acca. CA and ACCA are autonomous bodies however you can get coaching from some private coaching center in Quetta i hope. Both qualifications have more than 18 papers and you can take them the capacity you have. However if opting to do ca or acca you must be hardworking. Because you can pass only if you have studied at least 80% of the whole subjects and master them as well.

    • waswwm says:

      you can searc it from google

  42. Ramzan says:

    I am very worried about the salaries and career survey of above mentioned conducted by Nabila Mujtiba. I had done ACCA in June 2012. After that period, i am working as an audit trainee in an audit firm with a stipend of 5000. Currently, i am unemployed/jobless. I am very puzzle about that survey. Plz be confirm that ACCAs in reality earning a such huge amount.

    • Ali Ahmad says:

      Dear The Survey was not conducted by our team. This survey is submitted by ACCA Pakistan office. You can get more information by calling them directly.

      021-111-2222-75 (ACCA Pakistan contact number)

  43. abdullah zarin says:

    Is it another trap to earn more ??

  44. kashif says:

    Is it real…….or…….. a joke…….

  45. saad says:

    hi guys i need bit of advice i might look bit “stupid” to most of people.
    currently i am residing in UK and i am ACCA affiliate with Bsc hons. Here in UK i am finding really hard to find an internship so i am thinking to move Pakistan and look for internship over there and do CA side by side. Any idea how much i can make over there if i get and internship over there? And the market condition for internship?
    Thanks saad

    • Fami says:

      Saad its common that ACCA affiliate finds it difficult to get internship in UK. So i know some of my friend is Earnst and young lahore who also came back to Pakistan after doing ACCA. They completed articles here. But now days Big firms are not taking ACCA as internees. Howeve if got some opportunity you can earn normal stipend around PKR 6k to 9k. But after doing articles you can get a handsome job.

  46. saleem says:

    hahahahahahahahaha joke of the century !!!!

  47. sajeela says:

    saad,plz no need to come in pakistan,ever worst condition for acca market….we are not able to get article or internship without strong refrence…

  48. Khan says:

    not a bad joke

  49. blurred says:

    fuck to acca stupid survey they only mean to sell their product

  50. awais says:

    best joke in Pakistan

  51. Aamir Khan says:

    greatest joke of the 21st century……ACCA affiliates faciing lots of problem in getting even internship in Pakistan. 80,000 is mere BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  52. ASAD ALI KHAN TURI says:

    true i am finalist in ACCA and i earn 200000 in pakistan

  53. Omair says:

    araaayyy waaaah. mera khayal hai 800,000 – 10,00,000 kehdete survey hi tou hai kia faraq parhta hai :P :P

  54. Sabeeh Umer says:

    Funny statement had wrote by someone that ACCA student earn 80000 plus in starting.

  55. Muhammad Kamran says:

    support the survey fellows even its fake but creating positive impact for creating better image and increasing the remmuneration levels in pakistan.
    support your case with appropriate training required for the ACCA.

  56. ali says:

    Yr u know what . After a cumulative experience of 9 month .i went for job interview and just demanded 35000. He laughed like anything .i thought I made a mistake . I should have asked for 15000 .
    It’s ma worth.

    • Ahmed Hasan says:

      There is a specific reason behind this. And the reason is that Passing ACCA is relatively easier than CA (Pakistan) or CA (england and wales) or even ICMA (Pakistan). Its like doing BCOM in comparison of doing MBA from IBA khi or LUMS. That is the bitter reality people need to accept. ACCA is just a start so you need to pursue more education and tough working experience to raise your bar of commercial intelligence and competence.

  57. Numair says:

    How much money can fresh ICMA can earn in pakistan and if your age is
    40 plus and your are starting ICMA qualification is it fine or late to start or there will be problem of getting a job in the market

  58. hay i want an advixe 4m u guys …. i did ma FSC and now i am cnfux dt should i go 4 softwre engneerng r CA ,ACCA ? whch 1 ll be gud and whch institute ix best 4 CA and ACCA??? plx gv me da bettr advice.

    • Zohaib says:

      I am an ACCA affiliate/qualified. If you want to live in Pakistan then go for CA or engineering. If want to go any where out the go for ACCA.

  59. rizwan says:

    To hell with writer of this stupid servey.

  60. Zubair Ahmed says:

    the information totally fake if part qualified earns PKR 80,000 or more then what about acca affiliate. i am acca affiliate and searching job for last 3 three months. interview so far away, even i have got called for interview. I thing this is marketing strategy of acca to get people from other professional qualification. acca has left their students in the market. the only concern acca has in pakistan is what they get from here.

  61. azim says:

    I am very confused after knowing reality

  62. Ahmed Hasan says:

    ha ha ha ha …… ACCA is one of the easiest qualification in accounting. When you compare ACCA with CA Pakistan or CA england and wales Its equivalent to doing BCOM in comparison to doing MBA from IBA or Lums … LoL